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Get To Know How Vistara Is Committed To Sustainability

(Image Credits: Vistara)

At Vistara, it has always been our endeavour to provide you with
a world-class flying experience, but one that is conscious and treads
a little cautiously on the planet. We may be at a nascent stage in our sustainability journey, but we are committed to playing our part towards reducing our carbon emissions. Vistara is aligned with the goals set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to promote sustainable growth of aviation and is already taking small steps in this direction.

A modern fleet

Our current fleet of brand-new Airbus A320neo and Boeing 787 aircraft are powered by advanced technologies and systems, resulting in reduction of engine noise, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide emissions. The award for Asia’s 3rd youngest aircraft fleet 2022 recently presented to Vistara by ch-aviation bears testimony to this.

Responsible business operations

Over the past few months, we have adopted various operational measures that include the use of ‘green’ Standard Operating Procedures, route optimisation, use of the electronic Flight Bag (eFB) by our pilots, and electronic documentation—all cumulatively resulting in fuel savings. Several actions have also been taken to reduce the aircraft’s operating weight. These weight reduction measures include optimum potable water uplift, optimising additional fuel uplift, and replacement of conventional lavatories with smart lavatories in all A320 aircraft (leading to weight reduction of a whopping 150 kg per aircraft). Every kilogram of fuel saved eliminates 3.15 kg
of CO2 emissions!

Our maintenance team ensures use of E-Tugs for day-to-day maintenance logistics runs, cut down on the Auxiliary Power Unit usage at airports, providing ground equipment alternatives, and regular aircraft exterior cleaning, which have led to a significant reduction in fuel burn. Planned use of electronic Flight Folder (eFF) by our pilots, along with the use of iPads/laptops by all engineering staff, maximum utilisation of software for maintenance and engineering activities, and barcoding of engineering tools to track them electronically are all helping in reducing our carbon footprint. Onboard, we offer reusable cutlery and eco-friendly alternatives, wherever possible. We will soon be introducing bamboo cutlery on our wide-body aircraft. These are all small actions that add up.

At the corporate office

Vistaraʼs new green office operates on several sustainability initiatives. (Image Credits: Vistara)

We have recently moved our corporate office to a green office, which has an IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) LEED RISE (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum certification. The new office operates on various initiatives that include the use of renewable/solar energy sources, rainwater harvesting, organic waste composter, and the like. In reference to the important issue of reducing e-waste, our IT team has taken a step forward to safeguard the environment with a structured E-waste Management process that recycles end-of-life IT assets.

Mobilising employees

Vistara regularly engages with the local communities where it operates, to steer its CSR initiatives. Our employees actively spearhead projects that range from clean-up drives to tree plantations to increasing awareness on curbing single-use plastic among community partners to drive change at an individual level. Because we believe that every small step counts!

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