The ‘Into The Wild’ Issue

May 2022

There’s something universally appealing about venturing into the very heart of nature. The great outdoors—majestic peaks, deep jungles, and hidden coves—tempt us to explore the vast heights and depths of our planet. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil vacation or yearning to head out into untamed forests, we have it all in our Into the Wild issue this May. Our cover story will leave you awestruck as you sift through an incredible spread of photographs from the wild by Varun Aditya, National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016. For a break in the wilderness, check out our list of the most luxurious treehouses and jungle resorts from around the globe. Or explore the world’s most unusual safaris—from pink flamingos in Mumbai to the polar bears of the Arctic—for a unique tryst. Actress Dia Mirza talks about her love for nature and the need for ecological conservation in an exclusive chat with us. And finally, enjoy our special Luxe Picks section as we bring to you the latest releases from the Watches and Wonders 2022 showcase in Geneva, and the best grooming essentials for that adventure trip. So, get ready for a trip ‘into the wild.’



Create uniquely memorable experiences with our list of the most unusual safaris around the world.

Appetising Delights

Satiate your palate with Singapore's eclectic culinary offerings as we present a gourmet tour of the city.


Enjoy photographs from the wild by National Geographic Nature Photographer, Varun Aditya.

Luxe Picks

Our special Vistara Watch Edit presents the most interesting releases from the Watches and Wonders 2022 showcase.