The Spring Issue

March 2023

The dawn of spring brings with it the promise of new beginnings. Balmy weather, blooming vistas, and spectacular outdoorsy vibes are a few of our favourite things this season. This month, with our Spring issue, we celebrate the lively spirit of the warmer months with an exciting roundup of adventures and delectable flavours to get you a slice of the sanguine life!

We begin with a tour of the most vibrant locales around the world, inspired by spring’s colourful palette—from the azure meadows of Japan to lush green valleys in Kerala. In our cover story, we explore Singapore’s dazzling new sights that include the interactive and immersive Avatar: The Experience and a heady SkyHelix Sentosa open-air dining session in the clouds! Our story on Cape Town offers a vivid peek into the eclectic city’s rich history, exotic dishes, and colourful local dances. Back home, savour Goa’s delicious local cuisine for some food nirvana. And for a taste of the unusual, check out our Photo Essay on some of the most exceptional gardens across the globe.

We chat with multitalented actor and producer Richa Chadha about her intimate wedding, upcoming projects, and travel plans this year. Ace mountaineer Anshu Jamsenpa enthrals with her edge-of-the-seat account of being the world’s first woman to climb Mount Everest—twice in a single season! Finally, create your dream garden with our picks of playful outdoor décor, spruce up your wardrobe with the latest spring fashion trends from international runways, pamper your silky tresses with our curation of the best luxury hair products, and zoom off in style with the newest launches at Auto Expo 2023!

Enjoy the read!


Cover Story

Discover the most thrilling immersive attractions and sky-high culinary adventures of Singapore.

Business Trends

Explore the rise and challenges of the Electric Vehicle (EV) space in the automotive industry.


Get inspired by the vibrant hues of the spring season with these seven colourful destinations around the world.

The Celeb Diary

An exclusive chat with actress Richa Chadha on wedding planning, first time as a producer, and upcoming travel plans.