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Dining Experiences With Vistara

Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat
are always the best people.” And as an inflight catering team that loves to feed, we tend
to agree!

At Vistara, we aim to create an unparalleled dining experience at 35,000 feet—designed to tantalise your taste buds and make your travel with us a truly memorable affair.

Vistaraʼs Food Philosophy

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We’re aware our well-travelled customers have an experienced palate and are accustomed to the finest local and global cuisines. That’s why our inflight catering team works passionately towards planning and creating delectable gourmet fare for you to savour on your flight. We also know that the ‘what to order’ decision is a fun part of dining. And so, the menu cards in our Business and Premium Economy cabins feature an eclectic range of dishes. “The aim is to make customers feel like they are in a restaurant. Depending on the flight duration and cabin type (Business, Premium Economy, and Economy), we offer
a multi-course meal—fresh salads, assortment of breads, variety of local and international dishes, tea, coffee, cold-pressed beverages, and of course, the much-loved dessert—all carefully crafted to delight the most discerning palates. We want our customers to embark on an indulgent culinary journey with us,” states Vivek Pradhan, Head, Inflight Services, Vistara.

Flavour of the Season

Seasonality is key to our food philosophy and our menus are refreshed every six months to reflect seasonal ingredients and
festive delicacies. “For instance, in winters, we focus on green leafy vegetables. For festivals like Christmas, Holi, and so on, we uplift special desserts,” says Daman Lalit Pathak, AVP, Inflight Services, Vistara.

A Treat for Your Senses

At Vistara, we strive to make #DiningOnVistara a sensory experience. The smell of a freshly brewed Starbucks coffee, a well-plated meal on fine bone china crockery, a delectable dessert, the sound of a cocktail being stirred, biting into a fresh croissant— all culminate in an elevated dining occasion.

The Recipe for Success

In a creative collaboration that involves a stimulating exchange of ideas, Vistara and its partner TajSATS, a market leader with over 45 years of catering expertise, jointly brainstorm and design menus that whip up a rich tableau of flavours—food that is unique yet familiar, traditional yet modern. The foundation of our creativity comprises information assimilated across various levels, including data gathered through customer feedback surveys, extensive industry experience of our chefs, and realtime cabin crew feedback. “We are extremely glad to be Vistara’s culinary partner since its inception. Meals of the finest quality, the highest standard of food safety and hygiene, and exceptional bespoke services that delight our guests in the air are the hallmarks of TajSATS’ food solutions,” says Manish Gupta, CEO, TajSATS. At the time of its launch, Vistara’s hub was New Delhi. Hence, the menu was primarily North Indian. Through the years, however, we have included a variety of regional delights in our menu in Business Class to ensure customers can enjoy the authentic taste of their destination—think Diwani Handi, Kerala Fish Curry, Avarakkai Chana Porial, and more.

To ensure our frequent fliers have something new to tuck into, the menu rotates every few days. Our cabin crew works closely with the catering team to share customer feedback and continuously improve the meals we serve. And, our chefs travel onboard to assess if the new meals conceptualised on the ground can be served to passengers in an optimal state while flying. It’s a delicate tightrope our chefs choose to walk while trying to balance several factors, such as the correct setting for our onboard steam ovens, duration of the flight, and ensuring optimum temperatures are maintained till the sumptuous meals reach the tray table. Designing a meal service on short duration flights is particularly challenging. We must balance crew service capabilities across three cabins with our aim to offer the finest customer experience. “On some sectors, especially in the hills (where passengers may have a long drive ahead after landing), we design a takeaway box of food to help make their onward journey easier. Flexibility and keeping your ear to the ground is key when it comes to catering on an airline,” says Chef Priya Vatsyayan, Menu Development, Vistara.


Eat. Click. Share

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Your Caffeine Fix in the Sky

Did you know that Vistara is the first airline in South Asia and Southeast Asia to serve Starbucks coffee at 35,000 feet?

Food and Sustainability

• Reusable cutlery in Business and Premium Economy cabins.

• Oxo-biodegradable cutlery in the Economy cabin.

• Bamboo cutlery offered on select international routes.

• Vistara and Taj SATS donate food items with a long shelf life to its respective NGO partners to minimise food wastage.

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