6 Books To Add To Your To-Be-Read (TBR) List!

Stimulate your senses with these engaging, thought-provoking books.


Super Senses: The Science of Your 32 Senses and How to Use Them
By Emma Young

Did you know that chocolate can make you fall in love? That you can sniff out danger? And how touch eases pain? According to studies,
we have more than five senses—32 to be exact! Science writer Emma Young has spent a decade researching our senses and their various facets. And in this eye-opening (pun unintended) book, she guides us on how to use all of them effectively. Packed with intriguing facts and stories of remarkable human feats, it helps us discover the power we hold within.

National Geographic Simply Beautiful Photographs By Annie Griffiths

Award-winning photographer Annie Griffiths curates this selection
of stunning photographs of nature, animals, landscapes, seascapes, and more from National Geographicʼs impressive Image Collection. Reflecting various portrayals of universal ideas of beauty, the book highlights aspects that bring that vision to life—light, composition, palette, motion, moment, and wonder. Accompanying lyrical quotes
by poets and scholars add to the aesthetic quotient.

The Scent Keeper: A Novel By Erica Bauermeister

This coming-of-age novel expresses how a fragrance can create memories that shape the entire course of our lives. Emmeline lives
on an enchanted island with her father, who teaches her about the natural world through her senses but is elusive about the mysterious scents stored in their cabin. As she grows up and faces the real world, Emmeline embarks on a quest to uncover hidden truths that hold the key to her identity.

How to Taste: The Curious Cookʼs Handbook to Seasoning and Balance—with Recipes By Becky Selengut

Uncover the science behind the flavour of a dish with this often humorous guide. Becky Selengut shares the underlying principles
of taste and divides them into different categories—salt, bitter,
sweet, aromatics, bite (heat), umami, and texture. Offering delicious recipes, nifty kitchen hacks, and helpful tips on how to tweak a dish
if things donʼt quite go your way, this handbook is sure to turn you
into a skilled chef!

Square Eyes By Anna Mill and Luke Jones

This graphic novel presents a world where an excess of technology has blurred the lines between memories, dreams, and the digital space. Fin, a tech developer, creates a powerful program that can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. When people start disappearing suddenly, she and her program may be considered responsible. The narrative presents many questions: Who holds true power in a world built on digital illusions? Read to find out!

The Original By Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal

This three-and-a-half-hour science-fiction thriller is an exclusive audio-first book created by two Hugo Award-winning authors. Holly Winseed wakes up in a hospital room with altered memories and a new persona. Now, the race is on for her to track down the person who has stolen her identity and murdered her husband.

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