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The 4 New Travel Trends Of 2021 That Are Here To Stay

After a year of plans turned upside down, here’s what you need to know about how travel is evolving.

By Japleen Kaur

I spent most of 2020 inside my tiny cottage, surrounded by the Himalayas, feeling blessed and privileged. But, to live in a place where people come to holiday has its own set of gratifications and downsides. It has given me a chance to see how travel trends are changing with every passing day. And also, notice the sparks of hope that are popping up. Of course, the future will see a dramatic change in the way we navigate the world. And here are some of the travel trends you should be looking out for. 

‘Workations’ and ‘staycations’ are at the forefront

With most offices still operating remotely, people have taken Work from Home and changed it to Work from Anywhere. As a freelancer, I took pride in working from exotic locations, but that has now become the norm for many. Abhinav Chandel, a travel influencer, who left city life around seven years ago to move to McLeodganj, believes workations are necessary. It will bring the travel industry back on its feet. “Hostels and hotels will continue to suffer losses even in 2021, and the only way to revive that is to resume travel, albeit consciously. If your work allows location independence, this kind of travel is for you.” Staycations in one’s city are also something travellers are exploring.

Travel Trends 2021
Merge work and play, and get the chance to keep exploring. (Source: hadynyah/Getty Images)


Luxury galore

This year, people won’t mind splurging on experiences that guarantee safety. A secluded cabin in the woods, suites in hotels that value vigilance, or even a villa on the beach, everything will now be aligned with making secure decisions. To travel responsibly as the end goal. Having your own safe space is important to attain that peace of mind and ensure a restful trip.

Travel Trends 2021
Luxe seclusion awaits you at St. Regis Bora Bora Resort in French Polynesia. (Source: Image courtesy of Marriott International Inc.)


Dream destinations

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that life is indeed too short. People are now looking forward to spending on travel and making it to their dream destinations. Hidden gems and new experiences will play a key role. As will the need to be a part of something meaningful. This could be in the form of joining hands with conservation forces at these locations. Even working with the local communities to give back to society. Tanya Khanijow, an immensely popular travel content creator on Youtube, gave a refreshing take on this travel trend. “In my opinion, I feel air travel will see a rise. Many are looking for long-term travel. Thus combined with the safety regulations followed by airlines, air travel will get busier in the coming days.”

Travel Trends 2021
The world is full of surprises, like this bridge in Thailand that lets you walk on water. (Source: hakarin Wattanamongkol/Getty Images)


Local and hyperlocal journeys

On the flip side, along with earmarking places in faraway dreamlands, travellers will choose to explore nearby locales. And find beauty in the backyard. Proximity to the destination is quite important in the times we are living in. And for many, that will be a game-changer. Expect to find offbeat places in your city, as well as places that are just a short flight away.

Travel Trends 2021
Add surreal destinations like Mizoram to your bucket list. (Source: Lalhmangaiha Khawlhring/Shutterstock)

In what the experts are calling ‘revenge travel’, according to the travel trends, people are all set to reclaim lost time in 2021. And head to fantastic locations to travel in a more genuine, eco-friendly and holistic manner. 

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