yoga asanas

Try These 4 Yoga Asanas For Holistic Wellness At Home

Nothing helps you get in shape, both physically and mentally, like some good old yoga. We have picked out some simple yoga asanas, which you should consider integrating into your routine for mindfulness and holistic well-being. 

By Riaan George

(For your safety, always remember to consult a professional yoga or fitness specialist before you try any of these asanas.) 


yoga asanas

A great pose for balance, concentration and relieving stress, this is a heart-opening pose that also helps ease sciatica pain. This low lunge helps strengthen the abdomen and spine area. At the same time, it is a great way to stretch the thigh and gently reduces stress and anxiety. 


yoga asanas

Also, called the cow pose, this is a gentle and relaxing asana that warms up your back before getting into the more advanced poses. Not only is this exercise beneficial for the spine, but it also helps in strengthening the core. Above all, it provides a good stretch to the arms and shoulders. 


yoga asanas

This famous pose helps strengthen the back and core, and is one of the main poses in both the  hatha and traditional yoga. It helps improve digestion as well as spinal health. Also, this pose is beneficial for overall cardiovascular health. It also calms the mind tremendously.  

Surya Namaskar

yoga asanas

A composite move of 12 postures, it is a holistic way of restoring joint mobility, improving balance and calming the mind. This move is said to offer you glowing skin, in addition to promoting muscle health, digestive improvement. It even acts as a great detox cycle. If you incorporate the Surya Namaskar in your strength training session, you are on the right track. 

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