An Exclusive Interview With Actress Shenaz Treasury On All Things Travel

VJ-actor turned travel content creator Shenaz Treasury is living her best life, one destination
at a time.


Summer Means…
That it’s hot and I must head out of Mumbai. As a kid, it meant heading to Gulmarg and taking skiing lessons with my parents—it’s my
most-loved summer memory.

Fire and Ice
Growing up, summer vacations were all about backpacking through Europe—Switzerland is a favourite. Or spending time at Central Park in New York. It’s buzzing! With free-for-all concerts, queues at the public pool, skaters, joggers, artistes, and people being themselves—it’s a great vibe.

Mountains vs Beaches
Although I am a clumsy hiker, I love watching sunsets from a mountain top or hiking with my dog; however, I am partial to the beach. My dad was a sailor and I’m comfortable spending hours swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and snorkelling in the ocean.

Living the Luxe Life
One expects parties on a yacht, but recently, while sailing in Goa, I had this beautiful meditation experience called the ‘Sea Within You’.
It involved sound meditation and the hum of the rippling waves had an incredibly calming effect on the mind—it was surreal.

The Travelling Pause
Except during the first lockdown in 2020, I never stopped travelling.
I lived in Goa for three months, then headed to Himachal, Meghalaya, Andamans, and have been on the move since. It’s great to see full flights again with happy travellers. I do miss travelling abroad, but I got to explore my country better in the last two years.

Collecting Adventures

Images courtesy of Shenaz Treasury

Instead of an expensive handbag, I’d rather pay for an experience—like a business class ticket, bungee jumping, scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing lessons, staying at a beautiful resort, or attending a concert.
I enjoy finding new places to eat—Goa is a culinary paradise—and I like doing offbeat things like going to the Bullet Baba temple in Udaipur or meditating under a banyan tree at Arambol Beach in Goa.

Must-Visit Destinations
Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, and Uttarakhand in India; Sweden,
Norway, Switzerland, and Denmark internationally. I love
Copenhagen—there are fewer cars, more cycles, beautiful cafés,
and a hip vibe.

Packing Styles
I usually travel for long stays, hence, it’s hard to pack light but I try.
I keep three pants, 10 tops, and a few accessories that I mix-and-match; and I carry dresses that can go from morning to evening.
A pair of sneakers and two pairs of flip-flops takes care of footwear.
For summer, it’s dresses, bikinis, sunscreens, good moisturisers, books, and hats.

A Crazy Travel Memory
Worried that my flight from New York to Puerto Rico would get cancelled due to a hurricane, I travelled a day before to the island. When we landed, everyone else was leaving. The hurricane in New York caused a mosquito epidemic in Puerto Rico. So instead of rubbing sunscreen on our bodies while at Culebra, the world’s most beautiful beach, my friend and I were spraying mosquito repellents on each other and had huge insect bites all over our bodies. As much as I wanted to stay, we decided to head back to NY. Now we have a good laugh over it.

Summer Fashion Advice

Images courtesy of Shenaz Treasury

My personal style is casual glam. I love pretty dresses and colourful clothes. I can look at other women wearing boots and heels, but I can’t put myself through any discomfort to look good. I am a sneakerhead and I love breathable, cotton, flared clothes. For summer, I prefer to keep it easy-breezy, colourful, floral, and fresh.

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