Retro board games

5 Retro Board Games For The Perfect Game Night!

Bored at home? Play a round or two of these classic games with your family and let fun and nostalgia take over.

By Ameesha Raizada

There is a certain charm attached to board games and is a great way to bond with family and friends. There is also a sense of childhood nostalgia attached to games like Snakes & Ladders, Ludo and Monopoly for most of us. No amount of high-tech digital gaming consoles can replace the solidarity and fun experienced during a board game night. So, here are some retro board games to revive at home that will strike a chord with children and adults alike. Of course, if your city is in lockdown, these picks give you one more reason to stay indoors.  


Snakes & Ladders

Retro Board Games

Do we really need to introduce this game? If you have children and they are preschoolers, play this game, which originated in ancient India, to build their logic and improve counting skills. Even adults can enjoy a laugh or two, at the feeling of going from 99 to 1, within a couple of moves.  


An ice-breaker for game night, this is a tile-laying game. Players have to place their tiles and build a path to victory. A game of Tsuro is a veritable blast from the past, as this hugely popular board game makes a comeback. Best enjoyed between two and eight players, competing to keep the last piece on the board.  

Jenga Classic

Retro Board Games

The reaction in the room, when the whole structure you built comes crashing down, is priceless. The ever-familiar Jenga is a game night classic. After its huge popularity in the ’90s, this game never really did go out of style. So just how skilled are you at removing those blocks from the base, and preventing the structure from toppling?  

Battleship Classic

Training kids to strategise and be patient, Battleship is actually fun for the entire family. Though you might dive head first into nostalgia! As children, we loved playing this guessing game, with those unmistakable Battleship sets. Seems like, they are coming back into fashion now and we are sure the kids will absolutely love it.   


Retro Board Games

And lastly, Monopoly—the game of trade and scheming has been a family favourite for generations. Monopoly geeks even go around collecting different versions of the iconic Monopoly game board. This game, although time-consuming, is surely worth the time spent. Also, it is a great lesson in money management for kids. Truly the king of retro board games. 

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