Get To Know The 7 Coolest Launches In Tech At The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2023!

Itʼs time to be amazed! Check out the latest, coolest, whackiest, and most jaw-dropping launches showcased at the Consumer
Electronic Show (CES), the worldʼs biggest
tech event, this year!



The past few years have witnessed various types of TVs—from those that can be attached to the wall like a painting to those that can be rolled up like sleeping bags. No matter the designerʼs creativity, they all had one aspect that hampered their aesthetic appeal—wires! Now, LG has unveiled another ʻworldʼs firstʼ product at CES 2023—a TV that receives all its video and audio wirelessly! Finally, no more cables (except for the one that powers the TV). Known as ʻZero Connectʼ technology, the TV can deliver 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh
rate wirelessly from up to 30 feet away!
Price and availability to be announced.


Last year, Lenovo stunned the world by launching the ThinkPad X1 Fold, the worldʼs first foldable PC. June 2023 will see the brand experimenting with different form factors and materials as they take
it to the next level with the Yoga Book 9i—the worldʼs first full-sized OLED dual-screen laptop. This exciting machine features two 13.3-inch, 2.8K OLED PureSight displays with Dolby Atmos spatial audio and a 360-degree rotating sound bar featuring Bowers & Wilkins speakers. Fantastically futuristic!
₹1,71,215; lenovo.com


While the world is racing to get the latest smartwatches with bigger and brighter displays, a Netherlands-based company announced an ʻAwareableʼ without a display. Confused? Weʼll explain. This health-centric wearable—that doesnʼt tell the time!—has swapped the conventional watch face with interchangeable gemstone screens. Within is a sophisticated biotechnology that tracks mental and physical health and offers real-time feedback on how to improve oneʼs well-being. The idea is to offer you the chance to take a break from ʻthe always onʼ state of being and reduce stress and anxiety. So, whatʼs your pick: Watch or NOWATCH?
₹32,000; nowatch.com


A cute innovation for toddlers and their parents! This wearable for babies tracks four infantile indexes in real time—heart rate, rollover, skin temperature, and movement—so that parents can rest assured their child isnʼt falling off a bed or crawling into not-so-baby-friendly corners of the home. Designed for newborns to 18-months-old infants, it includes a wearable monitor with three differently sized fabric bands, to adapt to a babyʼs growing body. Whatʼs more, there is no subscription fee involved! Pay once for the device and all the data and insights are available for free on the app.
₹20,500; halosleep.com


If you loved the amiable fictitious robot, WALL·E, youʼre sure to love this ʻdoggieʼ (read Dog-E) avatar! This extremely advanced, interactive robot dog has the ability to respond to its environment and interact with people with the help of special audio and touch sensors. The POV (persistence of vision) tail, which displays icons and messages, is a creative interface for the robot to communicate. All you need to do is switch it on, and your all-white Dog-E pup will come to life to express all its engaging characteristics. Users can interact by petting its head, touching its nose, or playing with it, among a long list of other exchanges. The most adorable launch at CES 2023. Wouldnʼt
you agree?
₹6,525; shopwowwee.com


Ever experienced a 5D movie where you can smell what you see on the screen? Well, now you can, thanks to Aromajoin! Their new multidimensional experience presents the Aroma Shooter technology that includes a programmable AromaShooter Neckband— a neck-wearable smell dispenser that can add six different aromas to your videowatching experience. These remarkably recognisable fragrances include fresh grapefruit, crackling campfire smoke, freshly baked bread, and burning rubber. When synced with video, the smells help the visuals come to life in a mesmerisingly unique way!
Price and availability to be announced.


This Transformers-inspired EV bike won the 2023 CES Innovation Award in the Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category. Fun and quirky in appearance, the ICOMA Tatamel Bike folds up to resemble a suitcase and can fit right under your desk! The vehicle draws power from a hub-mounted electric motor linked to a 12A, 51V battery pack. And after charging from a standard power outlet for three hours, it can ride for nearly 20 miles at speeds of up to 25 mph. In terms of rider safety, the bike comes equipped with a single-disc brake on the rear wheel, along with regenerative braking via the hub-mounted motor for better braking performance. Set to hit stores in April 2023.
₹3,26,270; icoma.co.jp

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