Farhan and Shibani Akhtar Speak With Us About All Things Love

As they celebrate their second wedding anniversary this month, Farhan and Shibani Akhtar chat with us about finding romance later in life, the beauty of companionship, and all the little things that make their bond stronger
than ever.


A Romantic Spark

Farhan: Our story began not with a grand gesture, but through the simple connection of mutual friends. There was no cinematic moment; instead, our love evolved organically over time, creating its own beautiful narrative. Our shared passion for creativity has brought us closer together. Whether acting, filmmaking, or music, we discovered a deep connection rooted in our love for the arts.

Shibani: Like Farhan said, there wasn’t a particular grand moment. But that’s the beauty of our love and connection—it all unfolded gradually and uniquely.

Ageing Like Fine Wine…

Farhan: Discovering love later in life is a profound journey, marked by self-awareness and a deeper understanding of one’s desires. To those embarking on this path, I would say: be open, patient, and embrace the beauty of love in all its forms. I’m glad to have found Shibani. She’s incredibly talented and her energy is infectious. She brings so much joy and balance to my life.

Shibani: For me, entering this phase where I discovered love again in life was a beautiful experience. Farhan is a true artist and an amazing human being. He’s incredibly talented, compassionate, and a wonderful partner. He fills my life with love, creativity, and inspiration. And it was totally worth the wait!

Wedding Planners

Farhan and Shibani Akhtar
Wedding days.

Farhan: Our nuptials in Khandala were centred around themes of intimacy and warmth. We aimed for a celebration that felt deeply personal and reflected our individual personalities. The quaint hill station provided the perfect setting for a heart-warming and
joyous occasion.

Shibani: I agree! Our wedding was a strong expression of who we are at the core. It was designed to be personal, reflecting our unique personalities and involving the loved ones who know our true selves so well.

The Modern Family

Both: Creating a blended family involves understanding and respecting the emotions of each member. It’s about fostering an inclusive environment where love and support serve as the foundation for our life together. All we can say is that we’re incredibly blessed.

Part of The Clan

Farhan: Our dogs, Tyson and Jimmy, fill our days with joy. They’re an integral part of our family and we can’t do without them!

Shibani: As Farhan and I grow together, we feel grounded with them around us.

Farhan and Shibani Akhtar
A fun evening with Farhanʼs daughters
Shakya and Akira.

Work Matters

Farhan: Shibani’s debut in production is an exciting one. My experience in the industry allowed me to guide and support her, providing insights while allowing her the space to navigate and explore on her own. Itʼs important to find your own footing, too.

Shibani: Farhan has been a valuable guide for me as I step into this new phase of my work. His advice and support have been crucial, and at the same time, heʼs allowed me the freedom to learn and grow independently. And Iʼm so grateful for that.

Dancing To Our Own Tunes

Farhan: We do bond over similar music tastes. Some of our favourite bands include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Coldplay. Weʼre also into podcasts and enjoy a variety, including true crime and
motivational talks.

Shibani: Iʼd like to add The Rolling Stones, The Doors, and Pink Floyd to that list!

Speaking of Sound Partnerships…

Both: Something thatʼs new for us is that we have just partnered with a brand together for the first time. Working with Nu Republic®, a brand that operates at the very intersection of music, fashion, and technology, has been thoroughly exciting. We love their ethos of the #NucodeofCool that aims to reimagine the world of monochromatic electronics and make high-style attainable and high-tech affordable. Itʼll be immensely gratifying to see my (Farhanʼs) fans listen to my music using these devices.

Travel Shenanigans

Farhan and Shibani Akhtar
Holidaying in Sydney.

Both: Exploring the serene landscapes of Europe and the vibrant streets of New York City stand out as some of our most memorable vacations. Each trip together has been such a unique adventure. Weʼve also thoroughly enjoyed our time in Australia with family

Yum Diaries

Farhan: I am quite a food enthusiast and yes, I do have a sweet tooth. I enjoy a variety of cuisines, but Italian dishes hold a special place in my heart. As for favourite restaurants, I appreciate places that off er a blend of flavours and a cosy ambience.

Shibani: Thatʼs another point of connection between us! I adore my desserts and am a thorough foodie. I do have a diverse palate, but I particularly enjoy experimenting with healthy and indulgent dishes.

Style Statement… For Each Other

Farhan: Shibani looks best in her free-spirited, bohemian outfits. Her style reflects her personality, and she always looks effortlessly elegant.

Shibani: Farhan has a classic yet versatile style. I love seeing him in well-tailored suits. His sense of fashion is timeless and it complements his personality perfectly.

On The Horizon

Both: Looking ahead, thereʼs a lot in store for us. Weʼre excited about upcoming opportunities and experiences. Stay tuned for new projects, ventures, and the ongoing chapters of our journey. Hereʼs to a positive and memorable 2024!


Who is more likely to jump out of a plane (we mean skydiving!):
Farhan: I might take the leap.
Shibani: It’s a close call, but maybe Farhan!

Who makes up first after a fight?
Farhan: It’s a joint effort.
Shibani: We both try to bridge the gap.

Who remembers birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates?
Farhan: Mostly me.
Shibani: It’s a shared responsibility.

Who plans the holidays?
Farhan: We plan together.
Shibani: Yes, we do!

What’s that one dish you will break your diet for?
Farhan: Biryani.
Shibani: Chocolate-based desserts.

Describe each other in three words.
Farhan: Creative, strong, and positive.
Shibani: True artist, compassionate, and inspiring.


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