8 Easy Themes to Give A Scandinavian Touch To Your Home

The Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are renowned for their understated elegance, simplicity, and minimalist vibe when it comes to interior design. Check out our special curation of eight easy-to-incorporate themes to bring this sophisticated aesthetic to your home!



Minimalism is the crowning glory of Scandinavian décor. The concept of ‘less is more’ is celebrated here with functional furniture, clean lines, natural elements, and bright, airy spaces. This is in keeping with the Swedish word lagom, which means ‘just the right amount’. Begin by decluttering and removing items from the space that don’t serve any purpose or bring you any joy, be it excessive décor items, stationery, showpieces, any extra furniture, or unused kitchen appliances. As a plus, this decluttering will do wonders to clear your mind! What’s more, it’ll instantly make your space sustainable, too!


Being amidst nature is intrinsic to Scandinavian life. And this is evident in their aesthetic, which is an ode to the great outdoors. In essence, the more natural materials used indoor, the better. So, when it comes to furniture, they often use woods like oak, pine, ash, and beech—and you can usually see the natural grain of these pieces clearly. Fabrics for bedding and other furnishings include natural linens, cottons, wool, jute, and burlap. This theme is evident in the choice of decorative items, as well, which include wooden frames, wicker baskets, and natural stone vases, among others. It’s really simple: Use natural textures to bring some of that outdoor magic indoors!


Scandinavian Designs

Plant lovers already have an edge over others when it comes to this school of design! Pretty potted plants and vases are used to spruce
up minimalist bedrooms in Scandinavian homes. Not only do shades of green add a beautiful punch of colour to the room, they
also help create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. Consider indoor plants like monstera, rubber fig, snake plant, and aloe vera. Don’t want large plants? You can add three to four smaller succulents or cacti of slightly varying sizes to a console or corner table. Hanging plants by the windows is also a great idea; try setting up a small herb garden
by your kitchen sill.


Scandinavian Designs

Scandinavians believe in the beauty of everyday things. And they often use seemingly mundane objects for decorative purposes. A functional design element that’s much-loved is the mirror—the large and simple kind. After all, there’s no space for gilded, ornate, or over-the-top designs here. Big, circular mirrors are often used as statement pieces in the foyer or drawing and dining rooms, while full size rectangular ones can be placed vertically on the bedroom floor against a wall to add to the attractive functionality of the space. And then, there’s the humble ladder. Hugely popular, this unique decorative element is used for everything: as a stand for small planters, a stationery storage rack in kids’ rooms, and in bathrooms to hold towels.


In keeping with the concept of embracing nature, Scandinavian design employs abundant natural light. So, think of the best way to introduce this element into your spaces—large, clear-glass windows and diaphanous white curtains are two starting points. If you’ve always loved French windows, this is the time to add them to your space. Statement lamps and lighting fixtures are other key features in Scandinavian décor. Consider decorating with dainty pendant lamps, artistic ceiling lights, and table lamps, in sleek, modern designs. Opt for diffused lighting because Nordic architecture favours yellow or soft-white lights, as opposed to bright, fluorescent ones.


While minimalist spaces and clutter-free rooms are important design aesthetics, they should also inspire a sense of joy and bliss. This is the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-guh’), which stands for creating a warm atmosphere where you enjoy the simple but good things in life with loved ones. Picture an intimate Sunday family lunch around the dining table, or cosying up in your favourite reading corner with a good book, a blanket, and cup of tea on a rainy day. These are perfect examples of hygge! Introduce this ethos into your space by adding candles, books, blankets, vintage coffee mugs, fluffy rugs, and other furnishings that give you that sense of cosy contentment
and happiness.


Warm, inviting nooks play a significant role in Scandinavian homes and are a natural extension of the aforementioned hygge concept. In fact, the Danish even have a word for it—‘hyggekrog’, which roughly translates to ‘cosy corner’. These can be comfortable places to lounge about in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Create one for yourself depending on your preferences: a breakfast corner by a window, a cosy reading nook beside your bookshelf with a comfy armchair, or even a hobby alcove, where you can sit comfortably and indulge in your favourite crafts surrounded by your art supplies.


Scandinavian Designs

Think Scandinavian décor and you will be immediately transported to a world of clean, bright, and white spaces. An easy but crucial first step towards achieving this is by getting the colour palette right. This essentially includes a lot of neutrals and muted tones—white, cream, ivory, beige, grey, and even black, at times! Scandi-style décor, however, is not completely devoid of vibrant hues and, in fact, uses accent pieces as contrasting elements. You can blend this into the theme by adding pops of colour to the room, such as a beautiful yellow chair, royal-blue cushion set, fluffy mint-green throw over a couch, or artwork on the wall, and so on. While the focus is on functionality and simplicity, these bursts of colour add warmth to rooms, making them cosy, inviting, and oh-so-beautiful!



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