6 Luxury Cars That Combine Power And Style

Say goodbye to mundane commutes with our picks of the most stylish cars launched in India this year.




A V6-powered Ferrari might seem like a step away from the brand’s usual choice of V8, or even V12, but it’s got more in common with Ferrari’s roots and its victories in Formula 1, than the other two.
The 296 GTB, with its wraparound windscreen, short wheelbase, voluptuous bodywork, hiddenaway aero elements, and design throwbacks to the most beautiful Ferrari—the 250 LM—perfectly encapsulates all that heritage. And then adds modernity in the
form of a plug-in hybrid system that gives this ‘Prancing Horse’ up to 25 kilometres of pure-electric range. But this is still very much a Ferrari with supercar levels of performance—830 horsepower, 0-100kmph in 2.9 seconds, and a top speed of 330kmph. This one’s for those who have an unending need for speed! From ₹5.40 crore; ferrari.com


Mid-size luxury SUVs run the risk of coming across as a bit boring— unless we’re talking about the Lexus NX! Sharper-than-average styling is a Lexus trademark and the new NX takes the brand’s L-finesse design philosophy into the next generation. Their signature spindle grille sits even deeper and is mirrored in the design of the tailgate. Origami-style bodywork reflects light spectacularly, seemingly in ways only a Lexus can. You get the best of both worlds under the hood, with a 2.5-litre petrol engine and a self-charging electric motor, giving this hybrid SUV performance and frugality in equal spades. There’s even an F Sport trim to drive home the left-of-field choice, with upgraded suspension and sporty accents. An irresistible purchase for long family drives! From ₹64.90 lakh; lexusindia.co.in


Tradition goes straight out the window with Kia’s first electric car, the EV6. It embodies the essence of a crossover, hatchback, and shooting brake, but is like nothing else on the road. Kia’s breakaway global hit brings a strong dose of style to zero tailpipe-emissions motoring. Enough for it to pick up the coveted 2022 Red Dot Design Award for breaking the conservative mould for EVs. The EV6 backs it up with 528 kilometres of driving range, ultra-fast charging, and sportscarlike performance with 0-100kmph coming up in a mere 5.2 seconds! There’s more clever design inside, too: fully flat reclining front seats, a curved driver’s display, and even the ability to power other appliances directly from the car. That’s style and sustainability all rolled into one power packed vehicle! From ₹59.95 lakh; kia.com 


The pure-electric equivalent to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is possibly the finest way to bid adieu to range anxiety. Whether you’re looking at the 677km of driving range (according to WLTP tests) or the 857km reach (according to the more lenient local MIDC tests), we’re sure you’ll agree India finally has an EV that can handle most long-distance road trips in style. The futuristic, decidedly monolithic design is all function, too; the EQS is the most aerodynamic production car in the world! Its 107.8kWh battery pack is undoubtedly a big contributor to the impressive range. That it can also hit a 100kmph from standstill in 4.3 seconds makes it all the more tempting, especially over a similarly priced combustion-engine S-Class.
From ₹1.55 crore onwards; mercedes-benz.co.in


You don’t revolutionise an icon, you merely let evolution take its course. The new Range Rover is proof of that. Unmistakably a Rangie, perhaps even to a fault, the simpler look, flush door handles, and hidden rear tail lights are clear signs that minimalism just works. It’s the only car we can think of that dwarfs 23-inch wheels and still looks stately. The Range Rover takes all the trappings of a luxury limousine and adds true ‘go-anywhere’ capability—some would say that freedom is the best luxury to have—apart from the pride of its Indian parentage in the brand’s ownership by Tata. Available with a choice of practical, six-cylinder petrol or diesel options, or a V8 petrol that gives it far more performance than expected. Epic range, we say! From ₹2.39 crore; landrover.in


While the design of new BMWs may have half the car world up in arms, the M4 Competition Coupé brings the artillery to win that battle. How does a twin-turbo, six-cylinder motor, 510 horsepower, all-wheel drive for the first time, and a 0-100kmph run in 3.5 seconds sound? The M4 also has a drift analyser to score your big, smoky drifts when you stick the car in rear-wheel drive mode. Considering the M4 coupé outsells the M3 sedan the world over, it seems the more extroverted the M4 is, the better. Get yours in this wild Sao Paulo Yellow for starters, order the superbly fitted M Sport seats for no extra money, and make an off-the-beaten-path statement as you cruise your way through the city. From ₹1.44 crore; bmw.in


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