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Upgrade Your Dream Garage With These 5 Luxury Cars Built To Perfection

Each a masterpiece in some aspect of motoring, these five cars will elevate your garage to the status of an automobile aficionadoʼs
dream haven.



Luxury Cars
With electrification looming large on the horizon, this beauty will be the last in the line of illustrious petrol engine-powered sports cars from the British marque. In true unadulterated motoring tradition, this is a rear wheel drive car. In fact, the badging ʻ75ʼ has nothing to do with specifications but stands for 75 years of sports cars from Jaguar. Not only is it drool-worthy to look at from the outside, its interiors are a veritable throwback to the styling of previous generations. Having said that, this car doesnʼt need aesthetic interior design to delight. Its 5-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine does that job amply well as it sends 450 brake horsepower to the rear wheels—going to speeds in excess of 250 kilometres per hour. In short, the F-Type is
absolute adrenaline.
From ₹1.77 crore;


Luxury Cars

This driver-friendly car, offered in both manual and automatic transmission with and without sunroof, is a car enthusiastʼs wish list fulfilled! Bringing immense joy behind the wheel, it features a 1,498-cubic capacity, 4-cylinder turbo charged petrol engine that develops 150 brake horsepower at 5,500 revolutions per minute and 250 Newton-metres of torque at 1,600 revolutions per minute. The seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission has gear ratios that are very well spread, making the power very accessible for great performance on the highway and ease of driving in the city. While many will salivate over the six speed manual transmission, since this makes for more involved driving, for most, the automatic combined with the paddle shifts may be the better choice. A well-rounded package because it has great cornering dynamics, superb grip, and the steering is
deliciously direct.
From ₹17.28 lakh;


Luxury Cars

At the Japan Mobility Show in November 2023, Lexus introduced a range of concept models under the theme ‘Pushing the Boundaries of the Electrified Experience’. One of these was the next-generation Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) concept car LF-ZC, set for release in 2026. The futuristic appeal of this vehicle is highlighted in the material used to build it—a weave of copper and bamboo. The reflective nature of the former helps set the right sensory mood in the car with the help of its ambient lighting. And the Bamboo CMF (colour, material, finish) Concept represents the brand’s sustainability efforts, while delivering fresh value to passengers through an innovative interior design. Also included are the fragrances of different essential oils, which when released through the air vents enhance the sensory experience. The digitalised Intelligent Cockpit features situation-based functionality where the driver and passengers can access the functions they need. And the integration of the new software platform ‘Arene OS’ interface allows continuous updates of functions.
Price: TBA;


Luxury Cars

One of the world’s oldest automobile manufacturers has given internal combustion engines the pink slip with its EQ series of motorcars! Since range anxiety is a real thing for EV owners, the EQE SUV has been designed to be highly aerodynamic, making it cut through the air in the pursuit of maximum range. To achieve this, it was fashioned within the confines of a wind tunnel. It also features an astounding amount of refinement by way of its beautiful 56-inch Hyperscreen that wraps across the dashboard from door to door. With high-definition graphics, instant haptic response, and the computing power to run multiple apps simultaneously, it’s like having a super powerful tablet embedded into the dash. Now that’s information at your fingertips while navigating the toughest terrains! The car also boasts an electric motor on each of the two axles and, together, they develop 408 horsepower and a muscular 858 Newton-metres of torque. Simply put, it can go from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 4.9 seconds, with a top whack of 210 kilometres per hour!
From ₹1.39 crore;


Luxury Cars

The sleek beauty has been in continuous production since Ferdinand Porsche sketched its design in 1959, which resulted in the car debuting in the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show. Of course, it has been technically updated over the years in terms of its engine, suspension, and aerodynamics, but its aesthetics have remained true to the original model, as has the fact that the engine remains rear mounted. Much like family genes that run across generations! The new 911 GT3 RS is the stuff of dreams and though it is street legal, it would be more at home on a racetrack. It features a whole load of tech that is found on F1 cars, including traction control and a drag reduction system. While the design ethos has remained the same in subsequent models since the original, in the GT3 RS, there’s a purpose for every cowl, vent, and scoop, all of which are aimed at maximising aerodynamics. This is a necessary design element because this car possesses an engine that is a naturally aspirated 4-litre flat six, revving to an insane 9,000 revolutions per minute. This propels the GT3 from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 3.2 seconds, with a top speed of 296 kilometres per hour. Perfect for those with a need for speed!
From ₹3.5 crore;

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